Type 2 To GB/T AC EV Charger Adapter For EV Charger

Atronic leads China’s EV charging industry with quality solutions. We offer EV portable chargers, cables, adapters, and more, making us your trusted partner in electric mobility.

This adapter is designed to provide electric vehicle owners with a convenient and efficient charging solution. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road, our Type 2 To GB/T AC EV Adapter has you covered. It is compatible with most Type 2 (Mennekes) charging plugs and can connect to GB/T standard electric vehicles, ensuring broad compatibility. You can use it in conjunction with your AC portable charger for a seamless and efficient charging process.


Package Weight 0.5kg
Protection Anti-drop Protection
Electric Power Single Phase and Three Phase for Options
Rated Input Voltage 480V
Working Temperature -30~50℃
Shell Material PC+PA
Conductive Pins Copper Plated with Silver
Dimension(mm) 140*67
IP Rating IP 66
Rated Output Current 32A
Power Rating 22kw
Brand Atronic, ODM, OEM,and White Label for Options

EV charger adapter



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